Monday & Wednesday Night Sessions at LPOHS! | TOURNAMENT NIGHT/DATE NIGHT Friday 10/6 details below!

Tournament Night / Date Night  |  Fri Oct 6th

Tournament Night / Date Night | Fri Oct 6th

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Special 2 hour session on the 1st Friday of every month (6-8pm)!!!  Players will participate in a full tournament and have fun competitions in between games to catch their breath.  Parents DATE NIGHT!  Players can arrive up to 15 minutes early and should be picked up within 5 minutes after the session ends.

This is a stand alone event.  You cannot attend by using your multiple session pack.  You must purchase this Tournament Night product separately to attend. 

When you register online - your name will be on the list as paid when you arrive at your 1st Session!  A Parent Waiver will need to be filled out by the parent before your 1st BSS session.