💪🏀 SKILL SESSIONS Wednesday Nights through April | SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP July 15-19th at Kootenai!🏆

BSS Basketball Camp 2018 - What's the Big Deal?

There is a reason it's called Basketball "Camp".  It is not a practice or a workout.  All the coaches & players will bond together like a family during these 20 hours of learning, excitement, competition & fun!  A love for the game will be strengthened and your player will be wanting more after experiencing BSS Camp 2018!!!

Every day will consist of the following in different a order to keep it fresh:

  • Basketball & Attitude discussion followed by warm-ups and strength training.
  • Shooting Work
  • Ball-Handing Work
  • Daily Competitive Contest for a chance to compete on Championship Friday!
  • 3 on 3 Tournament
  • 5 on 5 Games
  • Detailed teaching & breakdown of 1 phase of the game
  • Skill Development

Championship Friday - we will start Friday recapping the important lessons and skills that we taught during the week, but starting at 9am the entire mood and intensity of the gym will change!  The music will be turned up, game clock will be plugged in and we will put everything we have learned into battle to decide the champions of each and every competition!!!  An awards ceremony will follow at 11:30 along with a life discussion from Coach Darren to help challenge each player to accomplish great things in their upcoming school year!

Whether your young player has a future in Basketball or not, doesn't really matter in relation to the BSS Camp 2018.  Every camper will leave on Friday feeling excited about life!  They will have experienced a great time with the game of basketball!  They will also have a better understanding about results through hard work and the importance of each member in a team, family, etc...

You can register at www.BasketballSchoolOfSandpoint.com.  All participants will receive an emailed letter on 7/9/18 with all the details.  We can't wait to work with your young Hooper!!!  Questions - laiche.darren@gmail.com

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