💪🏀SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP July 15-19th at Kootenai! | Skill Session start back in September🏆

Basketball Camp Further Details

🔊Our next Basketball Camp will be Spring Break 2024 at Kootenai Elementary!  April 1st - 5th with information and registration on our site's main page!!
Camp Documents - feel free to click on the CAMP ITINERARY & TIPS to get even more info!
  • PLAYER GROUPINGS -  all camps will have the entire camp divided into a younger and older group.  The AM Camp will have the younger half playing on 8.5' baskets and the older half playing on 10' baskets.  The PM Camp will have everyone playing on 10' baskets.  We will always strive to make the teams in our games as fair as possible.
  • PLAYER DROP OFF AT CAMP - players can be dropped off as early as 30 minutes before camp starts and can be picked up as late as 15 minutes afterwards.  We do ask that you come into the gym with your player to drop them off so that we can have all eyes on every player.  We will be using the main entrance to Kootenai Elementary School only on Monday and the Gym doors the rest of the week.
  • FOOD & DRINKS - the daily sessions are 3 hours so we will have a 10 minutes snack break about half way through.  Players are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks with them in a bag or small cooler.  Something light and healthy would probably be best.  We will also offer Gatorades and Candy Snacks for $1.50.  
  • BASKETBALLS - every player needs to bring a basketball with his or her name on it.
  • AWARDS - we won't have daily awards like we do at the Basketball School, but we will have daily winners that qualify to compete on Championship Friday.  Friday will be a exciting day of finals, tournaments, skill displays and an awards ceremony.  Our only participation award will be the Official Camp T-shirt, which will be given out on Monday.  All other awards will be earned through intense competition.
  • PARENTS ATTENDANCE - all parents are encouraged to attend on Friday, but are absolutely allowed to attend any time on any day.  We find that parents are the BSS's best salesmen!
  • COACH'S - BSS Coaches Darren and Austin Laiche will lead both camps with the help of other Coaches and Sandpoint Basketball players.  The amount of extra coaches will be based entirely on the number of registered players.
  • PLAYER ATTIRE - most importantly is comfortable basketball shoes.  A light shirt and shorts.  We will be going hard each day and the players will need to be comfortable to keep up with the action.  Official BSS Shirts are required to wear on Wednesday and Friday.  However, they can be worn any day of the week.
  • REST - your player will sleep like a rock the week(s) of basketball camp.  Help them get great rest and keep them hydrated and full of good foods each morning and night.
  • ATTITUDE - they will be asked to do things they have never done before, such as dribble 2 balls at 1 time and put 1 of them between their legs without losing it.  Remind them at night that this is all new to them and they will improve rapidly if they keep trying.  The player next to them might have attended 20 BSS sessions and completed many of these drills over and over.  Keep them thinking positively!
  • QUESTIONS OR CONTACT COACH LAICHE - I can be reached anytime with questions before the camp or with any needs during the camp.  My email is laiche.darren@gmail.com and my cell number is 208-304-9140.
  • REGISTRATION - the best way to register is on this website, but if you prefer to pay in person with cash or check (written to Darren Laiche) that is OK as well.
  • DAILY CAMP PICTURES AND INFORMATION - you will want to join our Facebook Group (Basketball School of Sandpoint).  We will be posting daily pictures, videos and announcing events like "crazy sock day" etc... throughout the camp sessions!
  • KOOTENAI ELEMENTARY LOCATION - 301 Sprague Street off of Hwy 200.  It is only 3 or 4 minutes past Walmart.  Just enter the back entrance by the Library and follow the bouncing balls in the gym.
  • PUSHUPS / SITUPS - we will do some stretching and strength training each day.  Sometimes we will even have competitions where the winners high five and celebrate while the other teams do 5 pushups.  Your player will get stronger and will realize if they haven't already that exercise is a good thing.
  • RESPECT - even though we will encourage all players to compete hard against each other, we will demand that every player shows respect for all other players, coaches, parents, the school, etc...  We never have trouble with kids at the BSS, because they are always to busy to even think of any silly ideas.