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So you have an up & coming basketball player that is starting to get serious about this game that they seem to love.  That is great news for you!  This game will develop their confidence, teach them life lessons and give them life long relationships to enjoy.  They need you to be a positive mentor through the process of their basketball development.  Your player is young!  They have their own negative thoughts and many friends that are telling them to not work so hard, the coach is a jerk, why do you care so much, etc…  

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So you have to be an extension of the coach and pass on a similar message daily to your player.  But I don’t like the coach or believe in his ideas???  Who cares!!!  We are talking about the development of your basketball player.  Just like in life, he or she has to believe in the team’s plan to excel.  The last thing the player needs is a parent putting doubt in their mind about the coaching staff or how hard they should be working.  You don’t have to know the game to have a huge positive impact on your player’s development.  You just have to practice many or all of the below suggestions and make them feel that you are loving being part of all the hard work that they are investing.

  • Talk to the Head Coach and let him know that you want to help reinforce his message to your kid.  Find out what are the 3 things that he needs your player to get better at.
  • Help your player make a list of those things and maybe 1 or 2 more.  Every player has many weaknesses that they can work on.  Make a plan with them on how to attack this daily.
  • Ask them everyday what have they done to get better in the game that they love!  It can be a 5 minute workout or a 3 hour workout.
  • Get out there occasionally and assist.  Rebound for them, challenge them to do a dribbling drill with their weak-hand without any mistakes, exercise with them, etc…
  • Encourage them to give their maximum effort everyday in practice and the games.
  • Be a positive influence before, during and after the game.  Other parents will copy you.
  • Give them some time after the game to hear nothing but good game and let’s get a Gatorade!  You can break down their mistakes AND POSITIVE PLAYS 30 minutes or more after they settle down.
  • Tell the coach good job and ask him about the team and your player from time to time.  He will give you good info and he wants to know that you are on his side.

The only way your player will reach their full potential is if you assist in making this a positive, fun and rewarding experience.  The game of basketball is incredible!  If they show signs of loving it — it’s like you just won the lottery as a parent.  Don’t mess up those winnings by bringing your negative attitude into it.  Be the Great Parent that you know that you are!!!

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