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Imagine you are in your biggest sports moment as a young developing basketball player and right before the deciding play in the last few minutes of the game you have to hear directions from 7 different adults at one time.  Your coaches, parents, uncles, other parents – all yelling instructions at you at one time.  Imagine you are the coach who is volunteering his time and your players can’t hear your instructions because of all the “wanna be” coaches in the stands are yelling above you.

As World Championship Coach Steve Kerr states above.  Your child will learn best through their experiences.  They can benefit from your advice and discussions, but allow them to calm down and have a great discussion with them when you get home.  Don’t do it while they are still on the court or walking to the locker room when tensions are high.  Let them make some mistakes and learn from them.  You don’t want them resenting you for being overly critical of them at times when they cannot take your advice.  They will be much better listeners in a few hours.  They just need you as fans during game-time!

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