💪🏀 SKILL SESSIONS Wednesday Nights through April | SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP July 15-19th at Kootenai!🏆

What can I expect from the BSS?

  1. Organization - from the 1st session we will have a plan to make the most of all 90 minutes that you decide to invest in your young player.  Every session will be different, but they will all have a great mix of hard work, game type action & fun activities.
  2. Respect - you and your player will always be treated with respect at the BSS.  We thank you for choosing us to invest in your child.  Regardless of their current skill level, they will be treated like the most important player in the gym!
  3. Energy - we will never just "roll out the balls."  Any and all BSS Staff will work every bit as hard as the players each and every session.  There will be an electric energy in the Gym each session.  Hard work will become contagious!
  4. Focus - drills will be completed when players get the message.  If they don't, we will either continue to repeat the drill or pull them over to the side to work on it 1on1.  We won't move on just to say that we covered it.  No player will be left behind.
  5. Consistency - anyone can show up at session 1 and bring a big smile, energy and a couple good drills.  BSS will never have a down night.  Whether we have 20 players in the gym session 1 or 1 player in the gym the night of a January Snow Storm --- we will push that group to get better at working and at the great game of basketball!
  6. Creativity - there are no magic drills.  The secret is how hard you work at the drill at hand!  We will do all the basic stuff like layups, touch shooting, dribbling drills, etc...  However, we will be creative every session and introduce something new to keep your player intrigued.  It could be buzzer beater games, dribbling and tossing bean bags, competing for prizes or pushups ... it will always be interesting and fun! 
  7. Individual Attention - much of what we do will be setup for a group of players to work together at the same time.  However, we always will be looking for a player that either needs to be challenged at a higher level or needs us to slow down and master the basics with them.  Those situations will be addressed each and every night.  We don't have to keep going to get ready for the big game next week!  Our goal is each player improving and meeting their own personal basketball goals!
  8. Role Models - any and every BSS employee will be someone that you will be happy to have your player look up to.  There will never be any talking down to players or other coaches.  This will be a positive environment that will be too fast paced for any foolishness to even begin.  However, it will be set up in a way that the beginning player can fit in any session that they start.
  9. FUN - we understand that in 2017 children have alot of options to occupy their time.  Our greatest ability at the BSS is the trick of making hard work alot of fun to young people.  Each session will include a prize for somebody, some loud music at times, alot of hard work and sweat, some competition with winners and losers.  We will all learn from each of those, but will leave with a smile on our faces!
  10. Results - we also get that at the end of the day you would like some results for the money you are investing in your player.  We will identify their strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan to really improve the weaknesses.  However, if you have a particular focus in mind, please talk to us at the gym, call or email.  We need to know your expectations and you need to help to get your player working between sessions!  The greatest improvements will be by the player who works 90 minutes 2 days per week with us and then works 15 minutes the other 5 days to repeat just a few of the drills that they learned at the BSS each week!

Man this is going to be fun!  Spread the word!!  The BSS will be the place to improve your player's game and instill confidence!!! 

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