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There are other options for your basketball time and money in Sandpoint.  There is the Rec League, Upward, AAU programs and others!  BSS wasn't created to replace any of these.  It was created to add to what these great programs already offer.

Sandpoint is an incredible small town that has people and things to offer that you can't find anywhere else in our great country!!!  However, like many small towns it can lack some of the positives that the big cities have to offer.  As I played pick up games and talked to parents around town, I quickly noticed a need to highlight the great game of basketball with families and directly improve skills in our youth.  I saw kids that really liked the game, but maybe haven't been exposed to some of the skills needed to really increase their love for basketball.  Like anything else, kids fall in love with what they are good at.  If you find an unhappy kid, you have also found a kid that hasn't identified his or her natural talents yet.  We all are made to be great at something!  Basketball is an incredible sport, because it has room for almost everyone to be great at some aspect of the game!  You can be the best dribbler, shooter, rebounder, passer, hustler, team glue player, etc...

I see the BSS as a place that kids will fall in love with basketball!  We will work hard in every session to the point that the players will be sore and sleep like rocks!  However, we will also have a great time!  There will be music, videos, games and contest with prizes!!  The perfect balance of hard work and fun is our goal!  Heck - that should be the goal for every group and business out there!!!

The School Teams and other programs will be our closest allies.  BSS will help them and they will want to help us once they enjoy the results of our efforts.  We are all working towards the same goals, but those coaches have time restrictions on them and during their practices they need to input offenses, defenses, inbounds plays, ways to comeback, ways to keep a lead, how to warm up, how to sit on the bench, etc...  Our sole focus at BSS is to identify each player's weaknesses and attack them repeatedly until they don't have them.  We will do this in a fun way and then we will add skills to their game that they didn't realize they needed.  We will practice behind the back passes and between the legs dribbles as soon as that ball fits through their little legs!  We aren't trying to develop showboats, but we are very interested in developing a few of the most important skills around.  Those include self confidence, happiness, work-ethic, fitness and the importance of team!  

BSS will make this great game fun for your player!  We will give them drills and games to repeat 12 months out of the year.  If they are working out with us 2 days a week.  Then they should be repeating the drills for at least 10 minutes per day the other 5 days.  I always say - Basketball is a simple math equation.  How many hours have you worked on your game and at what intensity?  The answer is how good you are.  We all know that same equation works on most everything we encounter in life.  Give us a try at BSS.  Your player can attend 1 session for $15 (Click Here to Register Now), they can then become monthly members and pay less than $9 per session.  See you in the gym!

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  • I have. Grandson who lives in Houston but will be here in Sandpoint with us from around May 22 to June 25. He is a third grader and just getting into basketball. Having been a teacher and coach for many years I am impressed with what you are trying to do for area youth and like to know how I can get him in the program.

    Don Hague

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